How can we benefit from using Chat4Support in our business?
Increase sales and web site revenue

Chat4Support is a tool for live chat and online help. Through Chat4Support, you can find that your customers or potential customers are more than twice as likely to purchase your products and enjoy your services once they use live help and chat with your representatives. Chat4Support is just software to offer live help that can make your customers or visitors remember their positive experience and are sure to keep coming back.

Reduce customer support and sales costs

Chat4Support software is run through internet. Offering live help means you do not need to use a phone call or fax to contact with your customers or visitors. You just only do everything on your website to communicate with your customers or visitors and provide live help. That can dramatically reduce the costs of bills.

Increase customer satisfaction and trust

Level by providing personalized approach for every visitor. In Chat4Support all communication history and visitor's activity are stored in a visitor's profile and are available for later reference when this customer returns to your site. Start building customer relationships from the first visit.

Attract more interests of customers

During the live chat with your customers or visitors, your operators can display customers' or visitors' desired documents, pages about your product, unlisted offers and other information on your product or services, which are the instant live support for your customers or visitors. All of these live methods to introduce your product and improve services can certainly increase the interests of your customers or visitors.

Analyze visitor tracking and Improve online marketing performance

Chat4Support can make you monitor your website tracking and visitor browsing. You may do website statistics according to which Search Engines and keywords your visitors use, which can improve your online marketing performance. You can improve your website tracking and the marketing services for your customers by needed statistics and analysis.