Usage Scenarios
Chat4Support is used in the following scenarios:

Online business

Chat4Support is useful for the persons who manage E-commerce businesses.

  • Do instant deals through internet.
  • Display more information of your products and services.
  • Offer live help instantly.
  • Communicate with more suppliers or purchasers in real time.

Customer service support

Customer service support is very important for companies.

  • Operators should voluntarily contact with customers by chat before and after sales, which can make customers satisfy and effectively increase sales volume.
  • Find out problems and give solutions immediately by chatting with customers.

Website designers

Expand your website design offering with live website chat. Chat4Support is an added feature for your e-commerce websites.

  • It is easy to sell and offer an outstanding return on investment both you and your client.
  • Offer multi functional support and website traffic monitoring, which create a prosperous sales and marketing tool for a wide range of industries.

Web hosting

Make your ISP or hosting business more successful.

  • Chat4Support can compel a potential customer to choose your website service and keep on doing business.
  • Benefit your customers. More easily receive problems or inquiries from your customers and more efficiently solve them in real time.
  • Save more on web hosting sales and reduce customer support cost by utilizing internet chat.
  • Offer website visitor monitoring by proactively engaging visitors to chat. No one will be held during the chat. Operators can provide a fast solution or help for visitor during the chat session.


Chat4Support installed in educational institutions can help students register for classes, apply for financial aid, and solve problems.

  • Allow administration staff and faculty to chat with website visitors in real time by text-messaging in a private chat window.
  • Help students for their assistance online in real time.
  • Operators can transfer the chats with students to another staff in other departments that are better able to answer the questions from students.
  • All chats between administrator and visitor are confidential and private.

Community forums and Blog

Chat4Support can help the people who often surf on website community forums and blog. More and more people publish their views or opinions on some news or stories to the internet at will.

  • Chat4Support can make you push the text messages to internet in real time.
  • Once some visitors look through the text messages, and they can chat with you instantly, communicating about their own opinions.
  • Operator can monitor visitors tracking and use site visitor IP firewall to protect the website.
  • Read the updated news, publishing on community forums, or new articles in blog in real time.
  • Through client end, operators can invite their friends or visitors to join in their website or forum groups.
  • Operator can communicate with visitors or other operators in their interested groups.
  • Directly browse information in more than one channel and website.
  • Efficiently increase the image and browsing rate of your community forum or blog.


Traveling has become a popular trend for the masses. Travel agency is also a hot industry at the moment. Live website chat can boost this industry indeed.

  • Use the software to recommend places for your website visitors, displaying photos, maps, introductions of the places, and so on.
  • Help visitors in real time with airline and hotel reservations if they need.
  • Direct visitor's browser to one of your online business partners once they need visa or passport services.
  • Offer instant help and customer service support for visitors when they have any questions or inquiries before and after traveling.
  • Do a survey after a traveling ends.
  • Save the information of customers and potential customers and keep on communicating with them. Avoid conversion of customers to other travel agencies.