Tips to Choose Best Free Live Support Software

If you are seeking live chat support software for your website, it is very important for you to undertand some key factors that will have great impacts on your online business and live customer support quality. Here are some helpful tips on how to choose a best free live support software product for website.


Tips 1: Understand what criteria are used for assessing live support chat software. A good live support software must have the following characteristics:

  • Live chat support software must allow online operators to have concurrent chats with website visitors.
  • A good live support tool should have a proactive chat inviatation feature that lets you to invite website visitors to chat instantly.
  • Website support software must has a support ticket system to let website visitors to leave a message when operators go offline.
  • Online support software for website should be able to provide many live assistance messures to help web visitors. For example, Operators can transfer files, screenshots to the visitors browsing a web page, and even can call them via Skype.
  • Live help support software should have a knowledge base database and canned message list to let operators to send prepared solutions and greeting phrases to customers online.
  • The best live support software is not only a website chat software application, but also a website visitor tracking program to monitor website visitor activities, including their keywords used on search enginers, and time spent on each webpage.
  • Live support program must be easy-to-use, and easy to set up a live chat for website.
  • A reliable live support system must be running all day with 24*7 up time.
  • Live chat free trial is available to let users to evaluate all professional features of the live support application.
  • A powerful livesupport software certainly will have many useful features to support the growth of your business, such as website traffic stats, chat history viewer, SSL support, multi-language versions, etc.

Chat4Support is such a free live support software product. This FREE live chat support tool can help you sell your products on line and supply realtime live support and customer services by live chatting with your customers or visitors browsing your site. Chat live with your customers or visitors on website to answer their inquiries and assist them in completing online sales process. This kind of support chat software will help in closing sales faster than email or even phone. Providing live support brings more confidence to your customers to place an order. Chat4Support is a great live support solution for you to build an interactive website with live assistance service. This live chat support software is qualified to be a professional live support software, and live chat free version is available for a business starter and individual. In addition, this online support tool allows you to easily use a hyperlink as chat button codes, so that you don't need to use HTML codes to create your live support button for your website. If you need a business live support software solution with more features, please try Chat4Support, which lets you add live chat to your website.


Tip 2: Install a live support system on website to evaluate whether it can meet your needs. Here are some steps on how to install live chat on website. (Here is an example of Chat4Support setup)

  1. Download the Operator Client software from the download page of the product website
  2. Install the operator software on your computer (Run .exe file in the software package you download)
  3. Sign up a new operator support chat account (Click "Sign up a new account" inside the program. Or Sign up on the Chat 4 Support software website's home page)
  4. Run the live support widget software, and log in with the account name and user name
  5. Generate new live chat button HTML codes
  6. Add the support button HTML codes into your webpages on which you wish to have a chat button to appear



Chat4Support -- Business Live Chat Software, Visitor Tracking, and Support Ticket Solution

Operator Chat

Free Live Chat Software (Chat 4Support) Key Features

  1. Live Chat, Proactive Chat, Chat Statistics , Chat History, Skype Chat
  2. Visitor Tracking, Site Traffic Stats,Keyword & Referrer Analysis
  3. Support Ticket System, Knowledge base, SSL, File Transfer (Some are in Pro and Standard versions.)

No matter you are a webmaster, online store owner, e-business manager, customer support person, or online sales representative,you would like to add chat for your website to talk with your visitor real-time. A cost-effective or free chat help solution will be very useful for you to have a live support chat with website visitors. Free support chat solution is a necessary for your online business. If you are a website designer looking for chat button scripts for your clients, ChatSupport offers you a free invitation chat button script for free. Chat4Support is one of the best online help webmaster tools to build a interactive web site.

Chat4Support is a great free live support chat software. Free live support suit of Chat4Support software is available now! You just need to generate live support script and paste it into your website. Live Chat with your visitors for free real time after a few minutes Chat4Support setup. Use this free chat support tool to implement website interaction. It is a great live help messenger for your on line business.

Chat4Support Pro has web site traffic monitoring and visitor tracking feature that is for 5-day free trial. Please sign up a free account. You can log in to the Chat4Support back-end system to view your website traffic statistics data.

Once you build up a live support solution within your business, it is able to make you achieve success in customer service support on the web site. Chat4Support software can be considered as a marketing tool to offer live support. Imagine being able to interact with your customers in real time. How good is it! How easy, affordable to improve your businesses!
No doubt! Chat4Support is a good tool for you to increase your sales volume, provide technical assistance, and use your web site to efficiently meet your customer service needs. Live support in Chat4Support can give better customer supports with real time chats!

In fact, there are many live support solutions appearing all over the world, such as: liveperson, boldchat, livehelper, whoson, websitealive, PHP live support, livechatnow, etc. But they are not inexpensive at all, or the online support features are not the best ones you need. Some cheap live support software products cannot meet your needs of your on line store. You want to get the best live support program, and ideally, it is a free or the cheapest live support application. Our livesupport product - Chat4Support is an indeed free online support service. It is only only a html chat software, but also works for asp, php or jsp web sites. Please try our free live website chat software. They are not open source live support mdules, but the live chat service is really free.

Why choose Chat4 Support instead of live person, live helper, bold chat, who's on, phplive,live chat now and other live support software products ? Not only because Chat4Support is a really livechat free support software product, but also it has some other features in its Professional edition, which differentiate it from other live support solutions. This web help solution can bring many benefits for your online business. Add a live chat for your website. Please download live support software from our site.

Are you looking for not only the best live chat software, but also a website visitor monitoring software ? Among other live support suppliers, Chat4Support is the cheapest chat software with visitor tracking features. Try this online chat support software.

Chat4Support Key Features

  • Live Chat, Proactive Chat Help,Multiple-way Chat, Chat Statistics, Reports,Chat History
  • Website Visitor Monitoring, Visitor Tracking, Visitor Footprint, Valuable Visitor Identification
  • Website Traffic Monitoring, Website Traffic Stats, Visitor Unique IPs (Hits) /Pageviews
  • Keyword Analysis, Keyword Matching, Referrer/Search Engine Analyzer, Key Word Mining
  • Knowledge Base Management, Canned Messages, SSL, File Transfer, Support Ticket System

Do you want to offer a free online support with web site visitor ? Download and install Chat4Support!

If you can live help clients with chatsoftware, you will get a lot of benefits through the live help chat. Please add a free live support for your website.

Live Support Software Benefits:

Increase sales and revenue

With the expanding usage of the internet, it is shown that there are more and more customers or visitors preferring immediate online support rather than telephone or email helps. Chat4Support is a tool for offering live chat and online support. You can suppose that whether customers or visitors are willing to wait for a long time for your responses about their requests or not. By using Chat4Support, your operators can do everything efficiently due to the use of chat with your customers or visitors. Your operators can offer live support and online customer services assistance instantly, which is certain to attract more customers or potential customers to do businesses with them. So, if you realize the effects of live support, you can find that the rate of your customers or potential customers inclined to purchase your products and enjoy your services is boosted a lot once they use live support and live chat with your operators. Without doubt, live support, is the same with live help, can increase customer satisfaction in your business, products and services. Chat4Support is just software to offer live support that can make you close the sales with your customers or visitors who are willing to purchase online. A live operator is helpful to increase online sales.

For the persons who do business online

It is a fact that online businesses are very popular all over the world now. There are large online stores, such as eBay, Amazon, and other companies that doing business on the internet. They are inclined to chat with their customers or visitors, solve problems and offer instant support. Integrating live support chat software on your web site will enable your organization to provide the very best live help and live customer support to increase sales and customer service levels. Customers or visitors will be more satisfied with the live help and instant services support to them. What is more, providing online support is imperative to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Live customer service will measurably improve online sales because providing instant service is sure a way of answering questions that a customer might have making an online purchase. Obviously, it is very important for the companies which deal with E-commerce issues. Customers will be more likely to click our simple live support contact button in strategic locations throughout your website and ask you for help rather than back out of something they already started. By doing this, you will effectively reduce your abandon rate. Please add a live support provider to your site.

No more expensive charges again

Your operators can not handle concurrent multiple phone calls when promoting products and offering customer services to your customers or visitors. Chat4Support software offering live support means you do not need to use a phone call or fax to contact with your customers or visitors. You do not incur in any telephone charges. You just only do everything on your web site to communicate with your customers or visitors and provide live help. That can dramatically reduce the costs of bills. If you are seeking a live support supplier, Chat4Support is a good solution to add a live chat to your site.

Easily accessible customer service

Live support in Chat4Support allows you to quickly locate a customer support operator to give live help for them with any questions and information regarding your products and services. Since our product is a tool for you to live chat with your customers or visitors, you can offer instant and effective live support when you and your customers or visitors are on your web site. This is sure to make you easily provide your best customer services and enables you to attract more customers and potential customers to deal with you and increase your company's product and services revenue. Undoubtedly, ChatSupport is a great chatting software for customer service.

Shorten the sales cycle

Chat4Support can let you afford live support to your customers or visitors. Your operators can use our product to connect with customers or visitors instantly with live chat or click-call to close on-the-spot sales. Transactions between your company and your customers can be shortened by live support. Operators can only search for potential customers, invite them to chat, send product information to the customers and solve the problems aroused by the customers. They do not need to complete their businesses only by emails or phone calls. Using live support software is a more efficient method to do transactions. Live help can dramatically reduce the time more than by other means to communicate with your customers or visitors. Nobody is willing to waste time to wait for your emails or faxes to illustrate your products or services. Chat4Support software is one to supply live support that let you eliminate all the troubles mentioned above.

Improve online sales/support

By using our live support chat application can make you supply live support to your customers or visitors. Live support has the ability to increase your online revenue with higher sales rates and larger order sizes. You can sell your products on your web site instantly by chatting with your customers who are browsing your web site.

Receive invaluable customer feedback

Chat4Support offers instant live help and online support. Through Chat4Support software, the operators are able to receive invaluable customer feedback during and after sales. Instantly, they could provide instant live support during the chat. Live support can indeed attract more customers,potential customers or visitors to purchase your products on your web site. Customer feedback is also important to your online business. Live support is more efficient, and offers fast solutions for you to assist your customers or visitors, not only in online stores, but also in more industries, such as customer support institutions, web hosting, real estate, financial, universities, eBay, insurance, law firms, and so on.

Improve operators' efficiency

In other systems operator normally engaged with one task. While in the web site, operator can perform more than one task at a time. Do you know? Each of your operators can build up more than one chats with your customers or visitors at a time. If they find that the contents of chats are not consistent with their own jobs, they can transfer the chats to others who are in charge of, to offer live support to customers or visitors instantly. Also, operators can reply emails or pick up the phone calls while chatting with their clients. This function of course can increase your operators' efficiency of doing business on the web site.

Attract more interests of customers

Chat4Support can make you offer live support to your customers or visitors when browsing your web site. During the live chat with your customers or visitors, your operators can display customers' or visitors' desired documents, pages about your product, unlisted offers and other information on your product or services, which are the instant live support for your customers or visitors. This is not possible to happen in the phone call or emails support. All of these live methods to introduce your product and improve services can certainly increase the interests of your customers or visitors.

Improve customers' confidence and loyalty

In the business with online service, customers or visitors always want to get the quick responses for their help. Some time they require very small clarification to be resolved, but for small things waiting for hours or maybe day is quite uncomfortable. The typical response time to customer inquiries via e-mail is over 24 hours, and many go completely unanswered. Personal interaction is the best way to solve these problems. If you supply live help to your customers or visitors, they will have more confidence on your product and services. Chat4Support indeed can personalize the relationship between you and your customers or visitors. Through the software, give live support and chat with your customers or visitors, you can build up and reinforce the confidence and loyalty of your customers or visitors.

Convert more visitors into customers

Chat4Support live support software can help you increase your conversion rate by turning a simple visitor into a well targeted prospect. Chat4Support offers voluntary chat invitation for your operators. Inviting visitors or customers to chat with you is very important in doing on-line business and supporting customer services. It verifies that you are loyal and sincere to your customers or perspective customers. Live support can make you interact with your customers or visitors directly, and let your customers or visitors collect the critical information about your products and customer services. That of course, is sure to increase online sales due to the fast live support.

Proactively seek sales

Chat4Support can increase proactive sales. Live support in Chat4Support allows your operators to proactively initiate friendly requests to your customers or visitors who are browsing your web site. This allows your operators to search your site visitors'feedback regarding your web site and allow immediate live help to your customers or visitors. Your customers or visitors do not need to wait for your answers for a long time any longer. When your operators find out some customer or visitor is browsing your web site, the operators can invite the customer or visitor to the chat at the first time. With a click of a mouse, your operator can automatically open a chat window on visitor's or customer's computer, and provide live help at once. So, you can also allow your sales team to proactively seek new opportunities and increase sales closure. Your sales operators and achieve this by pro-actively asking if your browsing site visitors require assistance.

Offer first impression

With live support software, you put live support on your web site and prepare a positive message to your customers or visitors. The warm, kind and polite message will let your customers or visitors feel you are sincere to help them. Providing live help and customer service support can let your customers and visitors know that your organization cares about all their needs indeed. Actually, live support plays an important role in the chat with customers and increasing the sales revenue.

How to make my own live support? As a web master, please choose free live support software, Chat4Support !

costless communication channel for your visitors
Chat with your site's visitors and turn them into customers , Chat4support is the low-cost customer service solution .No Plug-ins or add on software are required for visitor to your site .All they need is a Java enabled browser .

Live chat help lets your operators improve sales by answering questions and by offering consumers instant special offers, coupons and other incentives. You can get a glimpse of chat4support software first hand and try the fully functional & Professional version today.

Live Support Software to Enlarge Your Business
Chat4Support is the cost effective software that helps you to sell your product online and give superior customer support service. With just the click of the mouse, your web site visitors are able to contact your support team for live assistance through Chat4Support's live chat system.